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BMX Ramps

BMX Ramps
BMX Ramps
OC RAMPS are not just designed for skateboarding. Our ramps are perfect for BMX bike riders, scooters and even rollerblades. Anything with wheels and you’re set!

One benefit to BMX riding is the perfect-model size and portability of our ramps. All quarter pipes come with wheels on the back - making the ramp easy to push into the street, garage, or side yard.

Our BMX Ramps are ideal for grinding, flips and launching airs. The construction and support to each ramp is built to receive the ultimate beatings.

BMX Ramp
It is important to pick the right size BMX Ramp. Many cheap BMX Ramps on the market are made with weak and expensive plastic that are tiny in size. No need to spend money on a BMX Ramp that will get you a few inches of air!.

The BMX ramp quarter pipe or halfpipe on our website is an overall realistic size ramp. It is not too large- making it difficult to move, nor is it too small impeding you from flips and airs.


Recommended Products

6 ft. Grindbox -- $199.00
4 ft. Quarterpipe -- $499.00
6 ft. Grind Box -- $599.00
16 ft. Halfpipe -- $3,488.00

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