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AOL X OC Ramps - OC Ramps

AOL X OC Ramps

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In early November, OC Ramps had a corporate event company reach out to us with plans for a big event for AOL in mid-December. There was going to be a huge ten with a few thousand guests and they wanted a halfpipe front and center! We headed up to LA, near the staples center, and go to the location at 10 am to start building. The build was finished at about 4:00pm and then we had to cover the ramp with a custom vinyl wrap. This took a few more hours because we had to be extremely cautious. This is due to the fact that it is like putting a vinyl wrap on a car, you must avoid air bubbles and wrinkling. These vinyl wraps are an awesome new feature that we offer to help you create any design that you may want to add to your ramp.
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We finished the wrap at 7pm right when the event started. The event planners had hired 6 of our skaters, Chris Josin, Cody Macentire, Jordan Hoffart, Steven Reeves, Tom Tom, and Nate Greenwood to skate throughout the whole event. There were around 4-5 thousand people at the event, all employees or associates of AOL. Everyone we talked to were super hyped on the event and thought that the skating and the ramp was an awesome addition to the party. The event ended at 11pm and we started removing the ramp at 11:30. The guys were exhausted after 5+ hours of skating, but we got it all taken down in a few hours and we headed back to OC and called it a night.

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