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Mansion LIfe

How often do you get the chance to skate inside of a house? Or even better, how often do you get to skate inside of a house on the cliffs of the pacific ocean?! We had a local customer that wanted a few skate ramp products, including our garage mini ramp, 3′ wide quarterpipe and butter bench. When we delivered the ramps we asked if we could skate with our team. Why not right?! We [read more]

Street League and OC RAMPS

Our OC RAMPS Team has several riders that compete (and win) in the Dew Tour, Tampa Pro, Maloof Money Cup, X-Games and Street League.  Starting this week with Street League Brazil, we have 3 of our team riders competing for a spot.  Street League was conceived by Rob Dyrdek and includes 24 of the world’s best skateboarders in competition for some huge money.  Not everyone can skate in the Street League contest.  Like many core [read more]

Beach Side Mini Ramp

We always have the pleasure of building skate ramps in some of the most incredible places. Take Malibu beach for example. Gorgeous coast lines, waves and restaurants. Malibu is one of our favorite cities to build a ramp. We’ve sold several ramps to LMFAO’s singer Sky in Los Angeles. He called us up and wanted to get a new 12′ wide mini ramp for his house on the cliffs of Malibu. We happily accepted the [read more]

Garage Mini Skate Ramp

The Garage Mini Ramp is one of our most popular skate ramps.  It sits just over 2′ tall, 8′ wide and 16′ long.  Since more garages are 19′ in length, this wooden skateboard ramp will fit in your garage just perfect.  The ramp is also designed to be outdoors.  So, if you don’t have room in your basement or garage, feel free to set this ramp up in the side or backyard.  This specific ramp [read more]

Steven Reeves – Welcome to the OC RAMPS Team!

Steven Reeves is a phenomenal skater out of Portland, Oregon.  We’re happy to announce that Steven is now part of the OC RAMPS Pro Skate Team.  Reeves will be part of the OC Regional Team.  You can see more info on the Steven Reeves BIO page.  This is a quick video that shows Steven skating on our custom skate ramp that we built in San Diego.  The ramp sits 5′ tall with a 7′ tall [read more]

Dave Bachinsky- The Formula

Dave Bachinsky is arguably the world’s best mini ramp skater.  We are incredibly fortunate to have Dave as part of our pro skate team.  Dave approached us with the idea of creating a whole video part based on him doing 26 tricks that have never been done before on our halfpipes.  Thats right, he wants to do tricks that have never been performed, filmed or seen in a contest by any other skateboarder in the [read more]

Indoor Skate Park

Haven’t you always wanted an indoor skate park in your very own house?  These particular clients did just that.  Not only did they have the perfect living room to place the ramps, but they have the perfect property location.  This specific home is located in Laguna Beach/Dana Point on the famous surf beach, Salt Creek.  You can skate the mini ramp, butter bench and quarterpipe, then grab your surfboard and paddle out to catch some [read more]

San Diego Mini Ramp

San Diego is a gorgeous place. Just like Orange County, you have easy access to the beach, mountains and of course, Mexico! We got the unique opportunity to build one of our bigger skate ramp kits for the manager of Lady Gaga. He wanted a 5′ tall x 20′ wide mini ramp. We discussed the best options and features for the ramp. In the end, he wanted a roll-in and 7′ tall extension. We also [read more]

Huntington Beach Driveway Mini Ramp

Surf City, California, is such an amazing place.  This is where we began OC RAMPS back in 1997.  Only there can you truly surf, skate and snowboard in one day.  A customer called us and inquired about getting a mini ramp halfpipe for their house.  This particular client lives 1 block from the ocean- and her backyard is taken up by a pool/spa.  The only other location to build the ramp would be either the [read more]

Panasonic Photo/Video Shoot

A production company that works with Panasonic reached out to us a few weeks ago about our ramp rental program.  They were looking to rent a few skate ramps for a photo and video they were shooting for a new camera by Panasonic.  In a nutshell, this camera is supposed to be a small, portable hi-res camera.  Not entirely similar, but same concept as the Go Pro.  Apart from needing the quarter pipes, they wanted [read more]

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