Backyard Mini Ramp

We had the opportunity to go out to Los Angeles and built a custom 16′ wide halfpipe.  There were a few new features on this ramp.  Its one of the most gorgeous ramps we’ve seen!

mini ramp

The ramp sits 3.5′ tall, 16′ wide and 29′ long.  There is a 5′ tall extension (4′ wide) and a 4′ wide roll-in 

mini ramp with roll-in and extension

The skating surface is 1/4″ thick Skatelite with a 3/8″ base layer of plywood.  We use about a million screws- to ensure the ramp is sturdy and the surface remains flat and prevents warping. 

pool coping on halfpipe and mini ramp

The extension has pool coping.  A brown travertine pool coping to be exact.  🙂

backyard halfpipe

Overall, this is a prime backyard mini ramp.  Know that OC RAMPS offers the highest grade materials and most professional ramps on the market.  Order from our online store and get FREE delivery to your door.  All our ramps come in the kit form- everything is pre-cut and pre-drilled.  You only need a drill to assemble. 

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