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  • Skateboard Shop
  • Skateboard shops are coming along few and far between.  There especially aren’t too many skate shops that are owned by skaters and skateboarder operated.  Why is this?  Has corporate America established too many mainstream sports stores?  Stores like Sports Chalet, Sports Authority, Chick’s, etc.  We see it time and time again, these little skateboard shops go under.  I feel we should support our local skate shops.  Granted, some aren’t the best business operators or brightest [read more]

  • Black Friday at OC Ramps
  • With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, Black Friday is around the corner.  Everyone is looking to save an extra dollar on their skateboarding equipment, skateboards, skate ramps, etc.  Here at OC Ramps, we hear what the customers want.  They want FREE stuff!  We will be having a two day sale– something we’ve ever done before!  Specials on Halfpipes, Quarterpipes and Skatepaint beginThanksgiving day until midnight on Black Friday.  See advertisement  below.   For every 8 foot wide [read more]

  • Beware of Skate Ramp Imitations and Knock-Offs!
  • Even in a slump economy, there are too many scam artists out there!….including skateboard ramp companies.  This year alone, there have been over 6 skate ramp companies that have gone under.  Do you want to buy a skateboard ramp from a skate company on the verge of folding shop?  We sure wouldn’t. OC Ramps has been making skateboard ramps since 1997.  We went corporate and international  in 2005.  These ramps are not the first built, [read more]

  • Have a Merry Skateboarding Christmas!
  • Christmas is approaching quick!  The year is almost at an end.  What better Christmas gift than a professional-made skateboard mini ramp from OC RAMPS?!!  As the Nation’s leader in wooden ramp manufacturing, we are excited to provide thousands of products to our wonderful customers.  The joy we see on the faces of these young skaters when they receive a skate ramp is what makes us happy.  This is the busiest time of year for us, [read more]

  • Skateboard Sponsorships
  • How do I get sponsored? Like all skateboard shops, we get asked quite frequently about skateboarding sponsorships.  OC Ramps is currently working on a skateboard team to represent our company.  Here are a few things you need to know about getting sponsored. 1)  You must be legitimately good at skateboarding!  Most likely, if you send in a tape of you doing an Ollie up a cement curb–you’re not going to get anyone’s attention. 2)  You [read more]


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