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Christmas is Coming - Skateboarding Santa - OC Ramps

Christmas is Coming — Skateboarding Santa

Its that time of year!  Christmas is around the corner and we are slammed with preparing for orders.  Seems like every kid in America wants a skateboard ramp this year!  Woohoo!  We’ve been hustling around the clock at Santa’s workshop/OC Ramps for months.  We even had a cool visit from the Man himself.

Skaters from our Pro team, Dave Bachinsky and Greg Lutzka stopped by to do a little shredding on the OC mini ramp skate park.

Skateboarding-Santa-2018-1 Christmas is Coming -- Skateboarding Santa

Below, you’ll see Santa skating our 4ft tall (with 5ft tall extension) mini ramp.  He was working on his blunt to fakie, tre flips, and blunt kick flip in.

Skateboarding-Santa-2018-4 Christmas is Coming -- Skateboarding Santa

Skateboarding-Santa-2018-5 Christmas is Coming -- Skateboarding Santa

Then Santa Claus decided to skate some of our round and flat rails.  On the skate rails and ledges, Santa was working on his front and back krooks, blunt slides and tail slides.  He’s perfected his form quite well.  🙂

Skateboarding-Santa-2018-3 Christmas is Coming -- Skateboarding Santa

Just know while you’re at work or school, we’re out here in Southern California preparing all your stocking stuffers and presents.  Since we do all manufacturing in house, we typically have everything in stock at all times.  Take a look at our website for all the different options of ramps, rails and boxes that we carry.  Order up before its too late for Christmas delivery.  Remember, the big packages (ie halfpipes and quarterpipes) do take about 2 weeks to deliver.  We always get phone calls a few days leading up to Christmas asking if a halfpipe will delivery to New York in time.  We aren’t shipping small shoe box size products….so, no!  Santa still needs 10+ days to deliver.  Please be patient with him.

Regardless what you celebrate this time of year, from everyone here at OC Ramps we want to wish you a happy Holiday season and Happy New Year.  We appreciate all of you supporting a small family business doing what we love

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