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Dana Point Halfpipe with Cliff Side Views - OC Ramps

Dana Point Halfpipe with Cliff Side Views

Dana_4 Dana Point Halfpipe with Cliff Side Views

Beautiful Dana Point, California never disappoints with it’s amazing views and perfect waves. And we had the awesome opportunity to take advantage of an empty plot of land from one of our previous customers from 5 years ago. Previously we had installed a Garage Mini Ramp, a 3′ Quarterpipe, and a couple rails INSIDE of his home. But after awhile, they knocked down the house and began living next door. With an empty lot, they wanted to do something more unique and special for the kids.

Dana_1 Dana Point Halfpipe with Cliff Side Views

So they worked with a contractor to mock up an idea they had for a deck with a relaxing lounge area and to top it off with one of our 16′ Halfpipes that overlooked the ocean from their cliff side home. The gears started rolling and our crew started working. After the plan had been set up, our crew prepared the ramp in our warehouse, cut and drilled out the pieces then the four of us drove out on a crisp, dewy morning to start the installation.

The breeze was really nice, the waves were really good, but man was it HOT!

Dana_2 Dana Point Halfpipe with Cliff Side Views

Dana_3 Dana Point Halfpipe with Cliff Side Views

After we assembled the ramp, we sealed and coated that bad boy with Skatepaint. Because he’s so local to the beach, using the Skatepaint was a MUST to protect the wood from all the moisture in the air.

Dana_6 Dana Point Halfpipe with Cliff Side Views

Once we added the finishing touches, the owner invited us out to use a couple of his dozen surfboards to join him on an epic surf sesh right below his humble abode. So we threw on our trunks, grabbed a shred stick and headed out to get “straight pitted.”

We fulfilled his dream so now let’s fulfill yours and give us a call or shoot us email!

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  • Hegatstar says:

    It’s great you were able to build such a strong relationship with your client that he even invited you back for a surf experience, that is awesome. Of course you only build great experiences for clients when you do an amazing job in building exactly what the client is looking for in the time frame they need it.

    I have a handyman site where I build what my clients need in Northern California where we have an eternal spring weather even in the summer we enjoy cool temperatures.

    Maybe in the future we can cooperate and do business together.

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