Become an OC Ramps Dealer

There are two ways to become an OC Ramps dealer.

1. Drop Ship Program

The OC Ramps Drop Ship Program allows you to post OC ramps products on your website and set up brochures in your stores.

Here are the steps for our Drop Ship Program:

Step 1. Customer purchases OC Ramps product from your store

Step 2. OC Ramps ships the product to the customers home

oc_ramps_cash1Step 3. You receive compensation — and without holding any inventory!

2. Affiliate Link Program

Just place our link on your website. Once a visitor to your website follows the link to our page and purchases a product, you’ll receive compensation.

Here are the steps for our Affiliate Link Program:

Step 1. Place the OC Ramps link on your website

Step 2. Customer clicks on the link and gets directed to

Step 3. Customer purchases a ramp

Step 4. You receive compensation — just for placing the link on your website!




Download the Dealer Application


Email the completed dealer application to