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Dew Tour 2012 - San Francisco - OC Ramps

Dew Tour 2012 – San Francisco

ocramps.tk_images_image11 Dew Tour 2012 - San Francisco

We had the luxury of flying up to see the Dew Tour in San Francisco last weekend.  Four of the ten riders on our team made the finals. 

A couple of us flew out of Long Beach early Saturday morning.  The semi finals started at 10:30 that morning.  We got our VIP passes and made it just in time to see the action begin.

The finals began at about noon and lasted just under an hour.   These are the results; 1) Nyjah Huston, 2) Torey Pudwill 3) Paul Rodriguez  

After they announced the winner, Lil Wayne performed two songs live. 

The next day, Sunday, was the “Downhill Street Course.”  This course was insane!  The city closed down about a mile of their streets and dedicated them to this street course.  It contained rural and urban obstacles such as storage containers, flat bed trucks, road barriers, dump bins, etc. 


ocramps.tk_images_image_311 Dew Tour 2012 - San Francisco Ryan Decenzo  launches onto the 40′ flat bed trailer.


ocramps.tk_images_image_211 Dew Tour 2012 - San FranciscoYes, the skaters could launch over cars!


ocramps.tk_images_image_111 Dew Tour 2012 - San FranciscoDecenzo does a tre flip out of the trash bin onto a 12′ tall platform.


iocramps.tk_images_image_511 Dew Tour 2012 - San FranciscoEveryone waits at the top of the hill to watch the contest.


ocramps.tk_images_image_611 Dew Tour 2012 - San FranciscoMilton Martinez ollies off a trolley to start his run winning him second place.


ocramps.tk_images_image_411 Dew Tour 2012 - San FranciscoWhat a view of City Hall!


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