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Frequently Asked Questions - OC Ramps

Why are your prices so much less than the competition?

Here at OC Ramps Inc, we pride ourselves at being the most inexpensive.  Our main concern is quality and affordability with every product we sell.

How secure is your website for purchasing a ramp?

Our website is strictly encrypted to ensure the highest level of security for internet purchasing. We’ve been online for more than five years and carry an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. With several million dollars in sales, we pride ourselves with the best online purchasing experience for skate ramp products!

Do I have to open a PayPal account to buy something?

No. PayPal is set up to receive credit card information, and transfer money. In the checkout system, you have the option of using a major credit card or a PayPal account. The customer would then fill out the information requested and that’s it!!!

Do you make custom skateboard ramps?

We can design and build custom ramps, but the ramps we produce in our warehouse are the ones on the website. All our ramps are pre-cut and pre-drilled. To design a custom ramp would require our draftsman to design drawings using a special program for our computerized router- so costs can be high for custom skateboard ramps. Take a look at our new page to learn more about custom skateboard ramp designs and information.

What is a computerized routing table?

It is a machine that can cut large sheets of wood on a special table. Above the table is a mechanical router that can change bit sizes and move very fast cutting pieces of wood exactly as it is programmed. This ensures every slope and every hole is cut so perfectly that the speed and exactness would be impossible to duplicate by hand.

How easy is it, really, to build your ramps?

Each skateboard ramp kit comes with pre-cut and pre-drilled boards. The instructions manual has photos and the screws are already pre-counted. These skate ramps are extremely simple to install. Our video page shows a clip of two young skater moms building a quarterpipe ramp it less than an hour. If they can do it, anyone can!

What surface should I put the skateboard ramp on?

Halfpipes can be placed on grass, dirt, gravel or concrete. The surface has to be as level as possible. Quarterpipes need to be placed over concrete, cement, or asphalt. Fortunately, the quarterpipes are mobile and can be moved in and out of the garage, driveway or side yard.

How long will my ramp last?

The structure of these ramps can last a lifetime. These skateboard ramps do require the basic treatment and care. For starters, coat any outdoor ramp with Skatepaint. The use of a plastic tarp is also very helpful. We’ve had clients that have had their ramp for over 7 years. Our skate ramps are designed for skateboard abuse, but they still need to need the basic and simple care.

Are plastic ramps any better than your wooden ramps?

Wooden ramps are the riding choice of top pro skaters. Tony Hawk doesn’t ride cheesy plastic ramps! Any professional skater that build their own personal skateboard ramp will always create the ramps with wood. Our ramps are more durable, stronger, and will out last any plastic out there!

How long does it take to receive my order?

Please visit our shipping page. We ship orders within 48 hours of purchase. From there, it takes 4-10 days for delivery- depending on where you live. Refer to our shipping page to view the transit times and maps.

How many skateboard ramps have you guys sold?

More than any of our competition. OC RAMPS is the World’s leader for wooden ramp manufacturing- for residential use. We’ve experimented with hundreds of prototypes and styles of ramps for skateboarding. All the best results from those experiments go into every product we specialize in. This is what we do best!

My son is new to skating, how do I know which ramp to buy?

Every ramp we offer can be used for all levels of skaters and all ages. We have customers with kids as young as five years old, on up to professional skateboards like Ryan Sheckler. We designed these ramps for all riders. Whether it be a quarter pipe, or half pipe, there is no right or wrong choice. Any rider would be thrilled to have any of the ramps available. If you would like to see a glossary of terms on skater terms like halfpipe, quarterpipe, mini ramps, etc. Please visit our RAMPS 101 page.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes, we do. Shipping is only free within the 48 Cont. States. We can get a quote for shipping any product to any country in the world. Please email us your postal code and what products you are interested in. Please note, the bigger skate ramps weigh a heavy amount, therefore, shipping is not cheap!

Do I have to place an order through your website?

No. Feel free to call us to place an order over the phone. 714.285.0220 Mon-Fr-, 8am-5pm PST.

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