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Gnarlytown - OC Ramps


San Pedro, California

After receiving an interesting call from professional skateboarder Chris Cole‘s Manager in early June about an event he was hosting in San Pedro, California called Gnarlytown. The festival is a perfect blend of action sports and punk rock with tons of vendors all located at the scenic LA Waterfront – Port of Los Angeles. The idea is extreme sports with a punk rock music fest where motorsports champion, Travis Pastrana with Nitro Circus performs heart pumping & death defying show that is insanely wild beyond your dreams! If that isn’t enough adrenaline, Chris Cole’s Rail Jam Invitational with an OC Ramps custom skate course!! The packed event features FMX, BMX, and skate stars putting on four separate shows during Gnarly town and Nitro Circus’ giant ramp.

GnarlyTown-flyer Gnarlytown

With only having a few short weeks to prepare the custom course; we quickly went into action. Prior to prefabricating all parts and materials we designed a course that Chris Cole would approve. We made handfuls of changes that went back & fourth for days as the budget changed & evolved. Like we can do for all of our customers, OC Ramps can build any size park that will match any budget. Pictured below is the original concept for the project that contains a skate-able guitar as the center piece on a half pipe course.

CHRIS-COLE-RAIL-JAM-original-copy Gnarlytown

Once the budget for the project was narrowed down we were able to come up with a design that would be appropriate for their finances and fun to skate as well. One key element, the course had to include a life size guitar.

Guitar-dims Gnarlytown

Chris is an avid fan of music & metal rock so it seems fitting to do a guitar as we are heavily geared towards Pantera, Slayer & Metallica. Afterall, we have a giant mural of Iron Maiden in our office.

OC-Ramps-Office-MERGED Gnarlytown

The company that sponsored the guitar is one of the biggest brands of the world, ESP. They’ve been around since 1975 making iconic instruments for legendary players and setting the bar for the best quality on the planet. Chris wanted us to simulate a specific guitar model, the Eclipse II Vintage Black.

Eclipse-II Gnarlytown

The project posed a new and different avenue which was exciting! We dialed up our CNC designer with the great news of the guitar project and he was thrilled to help in design as it’s not everyday you build a 20 foot long guitar with a 10 foot skate-able neck! Once the auto cad file was created, we then programmed our two CNC machines at our HQ to begin the precise cutting of the guitar & neck.

IMG_1530 Gnarlytown

The task of getting plywood to bend onto the side of the guitar for the perfect curve was definitely a head scratcher! We searched at a few local specialty lumber yards to find the right type of plywood to bend.

IMG_1573 Gnarlytown

  As we installed, it required 2 to 3 guys to bend the plywood over the curves & secure with screws. Little by little we assembled the pieces and the guitar started to really form into life size. Once we had the exact match on paints as the Eclipse II we started to delicately paint in sections. Meanwhile, another group of the crew was building our smaller obstacles and working with engineers on getting 3D renderings of the park to be approved by the city. Needless to say, two weeks was not enough time for this giant project.

IMG_1571-1 Gnarlytown

As the guitar was getting the final touches on the end of Thursday June 20th, it was time to load her up on the trailer. Determining how to get that bad girl up there as she weighs 800 glorious pounds was tricky. Hand loading with several guys was the way to temporarily re-home the 20 feet long by 7ft tall guitar until she arrived to the ports of LA.

IMG_1654 Gnarlytown

Our crew arrived to San Pedro on Friday June 21st, the day before all the mayhem! To complete the installation process on site.

IMG_1660 Gnarlytown

We prepped so much at our warehouse the guys quickly built out a couple 16ft wide Quarter Pipes that were 4 to 5ft tall & a bump to bar within a few hours on a asphalt parking lot.

IMG_1665 Gnarlytown

The day of the event, June 22nd, 2019 was a bright & gorgeous day that packed in over 15k attendee’s.

DSC_0512 Gnarlytown

Here’s a rad video compilation from our YouTube channel.

We were super impressed about how organized Gnarly Town was as it’s their 1st annual event. The best part was the show being coordinated on a tight schedule which rotated each performance and location to give everyone a chance to see everything! Chris invited a few of the world’s best street skaters to a personal Rail Jam course to throw down some tricks for cash & prizes.

DSC_0630 Gnarlytown

The bigger the trick, the bigger reward!!

DSC_0511 Gnarlytown

Chris did three 30 minute jam sessions on the course.

DSC_0240 Gnarlytown

The contest included some top pro’s like  Kelvin Hoefler, David Gonzalez, Micky Papa and a handful of others as Chris Cole was the MC with the best metal music in the background blasting, really refreshing as it’s typically hip hop, which we love too!

DSC_0260 Gnarlytown

Check out David Gonzalez Instagram post to see some dope clips.

Here’s some footage from Chris Cole’s Instagram

It’s crazy to see how similar the 3D renderings compare to the real course our team created!

renderings-vs-real Gnarlytown

Truly one of the most exciting & fun custom ramp projects we’ve done to date. With our CNC capabilities and precision, there’s nothing we cannot build so if you have a custom project that you think is wild and cannot be done, we dare you to challenge us!!

DSC_0497 Gnarlytown

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