Half Pipe Build for Britney Spears

In early October we received a phone call from Britney Spears’ assistant letting us know that Britney was interested in purchasing a halfpipe for her two sons. Her sons, Jayden and Sean, are ages 9 and 8. The boys love skating, so this ramp was the perfect option for them! Spears hired the OC Ramps build crew to come out to her home in Los Angeles and build a 12 foot halfpipe. Tyler, Christian, Tom-Tom and Tony all headed out in the morning to start the build and quickly finished it up in the early afternoon. Britney even came out to thank the guys and check out the new ramp. It was another successful day for the OC Ramps team. Check out a couple of the photo’s from this build.





















































If you have any questions about our halfpipes, or having the OC Ramps build crew come out and build it for you, please contact us.

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