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Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails - OC Ramps

Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails

51 Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails

The OC Ramps crew recently had an awesome gig up in Big Bear. We left the warehouse at 5am to head up the mountain and get everything set up! This was all for the 12th annual hot dawgz and hand rails snowboard competition. Over 50 professional riders came out competing for $16,000 worth of cash and prizes! Our team got to set up a booth as well as an 8 foot wide half pipe. Tom Tom, Nick Palmquist and Greg Lutzka all came out to skate the halfpipe for the day.  42 Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails


32 Hot Dawgz and Hand RailsThe OC Ramps booth had our new custom game “corn-ball” set up, with a competition every hour for the highest score to win some of our rad giveaway baskets and OC Ramps gear. Our corn ball game was super popular, keep your eyes out on our instagram and facebook because the game will be added to our site soon.  We also had two separate raffles set up, we raffled off a 6′ grind box, launch ramp, and 6′ flat rail. The big raffle winner got to take home the halfpipe that we had built for the event!


22 Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails

We also created a custom rail based off the popular dimensions for snowboarders. OC Ramps is now offering custom skate, snowboarding and BMX rails! The Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails event was a big success and we can’t wait until next years!

12 Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails


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