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Miami Mini Ramp - OC Ramps

Miami Mini Ramp

In the early spring we received a phone call from a customer that was interested in a mini ramp for his backyard. The gentleman was 50 years old and looking for a ramp that he could skate on with the neighborhood kids of downtown Miami. How many of you skaters will be ripping like this guy when you’re 50?! He ordered an 8′ wide x 5′ tall halfpipe from the website. Within 2 weeks the halfpipe was delivered to his house. Then, we got another phone call. “Mr. OC Ramps, I want you to come to Miami and help build and skate this ramp with me this week.” 24 hours later two of us are on a plane from Los Angeles to Miami direct! We landed late at night, hit South Beach then the hotel to rest for a busy following day. The humidity in Miami is unlike any other. Being born and raised in Orange County, California, the heat and humidity are two things we don’t experience too often. The two of us began building the mini ramp by 9am. After a few gallons of water and several breaks later, we completed the ramp by 5pm. Tom-Tom got the first run of the day. The ramp came out with a beautiful look- the homeowner had a mural painted on the wall behind the ramp just a few days before. With the mural, a halfpipe and many palm trees in the yard…it doesn’t get much more Miami than that!

(below: TomTom frontside air)131 Miami Mini Ramp

Just starting the frame (aka skeleton) of the ramp.

221 Miami Mini Ramp

The frame is up and we have an amazing mural to work beside.

321 Miami Mini Ramp

Halfpipe complete.

421 Miami Mini Ramp

The nighttime lights are incredible! Total ‘Miami’ vibe.

521 Miami Mini Ramp
721 Miami Mini Ramp
621 Miami Mini Ramp


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