Mini Ramp–Skateboard Ramp

There are common misconceptions of the words, “Mini Ramps.”  These words refer to any ramp that does not contain  vert.  A “Vert Ramp” is any skateboard ramp that at one point goes completely vertical in the transition (aka tranny).  The transition is the sloped or curved part of the ramp.  Typically, ramps over 7 feet in height, will contain some vert.  Any ramp that does not have vert is considered a Mini Ramp- it can be a halfpipe or quarter pipeOC RAMPS only offers mini ramps for sale.  All of our skateboard ramps are under 4 feet in height- designed for skateboarding, BMX and in-line skating.  Our transition is the perfect slope for any level skater; from Pro to 5 year olds.  Any Pro skateboarder experienced with riding ramps, has the basic foundation of skating mini ramps.   Below are several images of our mini ramps that we offer on our website. 

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