Mini Ramps and Halfpipes for Sale

OC RAMPS offers all size Mini Ramps for Sale.  One of our recent customers in Manhatten Beach, California, requested an 8′ wide mini ramp for his backyard.  Although we sell the ramps in kit form, this customer wanted to hire our professional installation crew to build his ramp on site. 

mini ramps for sale

Manhatten Beach is located in Los Angeles County.  Its a gorgeous area.  The vibe there is very low key as everyone is a mellow surfer.  When we arrived at the beach front home, we took this photo of the before shot;

mini ramp

Before the halfpipe, there were a few chairs and a small BBQ.  We think it was the best decision to kick that stuff out and replace it with an OC RAMPS Mini Ramp.

mini ramps skateboard ramps

This particular ramp took our crew of four about 2 hours to install.  It took us another 30 minutes to coat the ramp with Skatepaint.  Since this family lives near the beach, they’ll want to have it protected by the best materials.  Skatepaint seals the wood and protects it from the outdoor elements.  Even though we have the highest grade lumber and materials out there, we still recommend covering the ramp with a plastic tarp.  The more the ramp is kept dry, the better.

mini ramps by oc ramps


Order your MINI RAMP today!  OC Ramps currently offers FREE delivery within the U.S.  Skate like a PRO with these professionally built skateboard ramps.

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