Mini Ramps

There are common misconceptions of the words, “Mini Ramps.” These words refer to any ramp that does not contain vert. A mini ramp is not only a halfpipe. A “Vert Ramp” is any skateboard ramp that at one point goes completely vertical in the transition (aka tranny). The transition is the sloped or curved part of the ramp. Typically, ramps over 6-7 feet in height will contain some vert. Any ramp that does not have vert is considered a Mini Ramp- it can be a halfpipe or quarter pipe.


mini ramps

OC RAMPS only offers mini ramps for sale. All of our skateboard ramps are under 4 feet in height- designed for skateboarding, BMX and in-line skating. Our transition is the perfect slope for any level skater; from Pro to 5 year olds. Any Pro skateboarder experienced with riding ramps, has the basic foundation of skating mini ramps. Riding a mini ramp is not only designed for kids or young skaters. It is often the skating choice of many ramp and transitional skaters. Vert ramps are typically skated by the experienced and well trained riders. Whereas a mini ramp is made for everyone at all levels of experience.

Another reason for favoring a mini ramp is the size. Not too many people can fit a large skateboard ramp in their backyard that looks over all the neighbors’ walls! In addition, if the ramp is a quarter pipe, it is much more difficult to move a vert ramp. Mini ramp halfpipes are better for backyards, and mini ramp quarter pipes are better for the front yard. All mini ramp quarter pipes by OC RAMPS have wheels on the back of the ramps to make them extremely portable. You can tip the ramp on its back and push it into the street, and return it back to the garage without breaking a sweat.

You have the choice of riding a plastic or wood mini ramp. There are pros and cons to both. Wooden ramps are typically the riding choice of any skateboarder. The professional skate competitions on the TV are often all designed using wooden ramps, both vert and mini ramp. Wood does require a bit more of maintenance and care. Plastic ramps can hold up well to the weather. On the other hand, we’ve skated many cheap plastic mini ramps that are brittle and weak. Our recommendation is the wooden mini ramp.


Our company was the first to offer mini ramp skate kits to the market. We see customers both young and old. With kids just starting and fathers that skated in the seventies; the mini ramp is the skating choice by so many. Riding a mini ramp is like a bike- you never forget. It is such a fun and exhilarating feeling to be shredding grinds and airs on a solid and well built mini ramp. Whether you’re just starting to skateboard or looking to master new tricks, check out our selection of mini ramps today. Our mini ramp half pipes are ideal for your backyard while the quarter pipes are great for portability and fun. We offer FREE shipping on all mini ramps!!!