New things to OC RAMPS!

Yes, new things!  We are working on a completely refreshed version of our website.  We’re cleaning up everything, re-organizing information, adding new pics and vids.  Overall, it will be amazing to say the least!  The new quarterpipe skateboard ramp will also be added to the site as well.  Its been a work in progress for the last several months.  Prototype after prototype, we’ve been trying to get this mini skate ramp perfect.  Our new partners on the IT team, are extremely knowledgeable and excited to present the new OC RAMPS website in May, 2010.   As a company, we are consistently trying to improve and polish our product quality.  OC RAMPS puts the skater (customer) first!  So, be on the look out for the new website and skateboard ramp products in just a few months!

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