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Not your typical Barn - OC Ramps

Not your typical Barn

Boise, Idaho

After the New Year, we received a call from a previous customer that was interested in a custom ramp for his soon to be indoor custom barn he was having built in Boise, Idaho.

IMG_0523 Not your typical Barn

Our customer sent over some sketches of his vision and the space he has to work with. We discussed what features he was seeking and bounced off many ideas from different surface materials like Skatelite (indoor) to Skatelite Pro (outdoor) to our standard kit skate surface of high end Birch plywood.

IMG_0526 Not your typical Barn

With the barn almost complete, we had a few more discussions about more fun options like extensions & roll in’s. Our standard kits have the option for a 4ft wide by 1.5 ft tall extension; however we needed to sweeten the pot and make this truly one of a kind ramp.

IMG_0525 Not your typical Barn

We finalized the project with the tiny details that made the ramp next level status. As we shipped the double size pallet via freight truck, it took about a week for delivery & the customer jumped into action & had this custom ramp built within a day & a half!!

IMG_0222-1 Not your typical Barn

Adding double mirrored 8ft wide extensions plus a 2ft wide roll in feature was definitely the right call as it looks insanely beautiful in this gorgeous barn.

IMG_0226 Not your typical Barn

With extending the platform to 5ft wide instead of our typical 2ft wide it gives the ramp a deep & spacious feel.

IMG_0225 Not your typical Barn

Looking for a custom ramp for yourself? Be sure to take a look at our standard ramp kits as we took the 16ft wide half pipe & simply extended the width to 20ft wide. Contact us & let’s make your vision a reality!

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