OC Ramps and Harley Davidson Bike Nights

Greg Lutzka (one of the pros on the team) is sponsored by Harley Davidson. Greg often goes to our local dealership in Orange County (located in Irvine) and while we were there a few months ago one of the main managers mentioned that they do an event called “bike nights”. He was interested in incorporating skateboarding into the event. He checked to see that OC Ramps was interested, and of course we were stoked on the awesome opportunity. Normally for bike nights they will have all their local customers come and have a bbq or food truck, free drinks, a live band, a barber, and sometimes a tattoo artist. This night in particular (friday the 17th) they had all this here. We showed up on site with several sizes of quarterpipes and a basic street course including a couple rails and a bunch of items from our signature series including; the TJ picnic bench, the Hoffart butter bench, and of course Lutzkas signature item the brick box.

Our skate team really enjoys this type of basic and simple mobile skatepark. We had Greg Lutzka, Christian Siereka, and Nick Palmquist skate, along with a handful of their friends. The public was super into it, and it fit the scene and vibe extremely well. When the event was over, we threw the ramps on our flatbed trailer and headed back to OC Ramps. Let us know if you would like to pull up to your next event with our mobile skatepark!



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