OC Ramps X Nordstrom Photo Shoot

OC Ramps was recently contacted by Nordstrom to inquire about a halfpipe for an upcoming photo shoot for their kids catalog. They picked out our sixteen foot wide mini ramp with two five foot tall extensions. The guys at the warehouse prepared the ramp and then we transported it out to Club Ed in Lancaster, California, which was in the middle of nowhere in the desert! We had to assemble the ramp off the road on the sand which made building a little more difficult than usual because the wind kept throwing sand on the ramp and all over the guys building. We also had to deal with the issue of no electricity, luckily Nordstrom brought a small generator for us to power up all the tools.
Dave Bachinsky was there to help us assemble, so once the ramp was completed he got to skate for a few minutes before the photoshoot began.

A few days later we returned to take down the ramp and they had painted it a bunch of cool colors. We showed up with Tom Tom, who wasn’t too interested in actually removing the ramp, so we let him skate it for awhile. After a few front side airs, we disassembled and returned it to back to the OC Ramps warehouse.


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