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Tyler Large

President & CEO

Education, Awards, etc:BA Business Economics,
Certificate in Marketing
CA Real Estate License
Eagle Scout!
Other Languages I Know:Spanish
Bio:The ‘front man’ of the gang. Tyler has been working with tools and skate ramps since Dave Grohl first joined the band Nirvana (that’d be the 90s for all you youngins). Not only can he hold a hammer, his knowledge of business, marketing and economics are no match for the competition. Tyler first became an entrepreneur when the original ramps were sold from a beach house in good ole Huntington Beach, California. To get the innovative flow of ideas going, he continually goes surfing and calls it “board” meetings…in the water.
Hometown:Huntington Beach, CA
Favorite Movie:Rushmore or any other movie by Wes Anderson
Favorite Music/Band:Radiohead, Sigur-Ros, Ray Lamontagne, Deftones, Metallica
Favorite Food:Mexican and Italian—small hole in the wall restaurants are the best!
Random Fact About Me:I’ve never been able to touch my toes. I lived in Honduras for two years of my life. I am the whitest guy you’ll meet that speaks fluent Spanish. I fell off a 15 foot tall ski lift when I was 8. My new hobby is to grow pitcher plants. I am a huge movie buff. My wife wants me to see Blackberry anonymous.
I am at OC Ramps because…I started it…there is no way out now!
When not at OC Ramps I’m…surfing, skating, working with Keller Williams Realty, eatin Italian with the wifey.


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Advertising & Social Media Guru

Education, Awards, etc:BA in Advertising at BYU
Minor in Spanish at BYU
Minor in Creative Writing at BYU
ADDY Award Winner 2010
Other Languages I Know:Ehh-Spanish
Bio:Danny or Shredder, as we call him, has been known to dabble in the Advertising World.  He has done work for Nike, Dr Pepper, PlayStation 3, DIRECTV, and Butterfingers. Not impressed?  We weren’t either, that is until he showed us he could moonwalk.  Enough said.
Hometown:Villa Park, CA
Favorite Movie:The Goonies
Favorite Music/Band:Snoop Doggy Dogg
Favorite Food:White Collar food; Pizza and Burgers.
Random Fact About Me:I have successfully snowboarded, skateboarded and surfed in one day. No lie.  I lived in Central America for two years…also not a lie.  And one time when I was in Africa on a safari, I was tired of walking so I captured a Zebra and rode it bareback…okay, I made that up.
I am at OC Ramps because…they pay me in ramps. Skate or Die.
When not at OC Ramps I’m…spending time with my wife Anne and our beautiful puppy named Twinkie.


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Engineering Manager

Education, Awards, etc:UOD Graduate
Eagle Scout
Other Languages I Know:Textuage, Babytalk, Kidspeak and Jive
Bio:Joshua has been in the carpentry industry since his father forced him to work as a young boy. He then urned into a master craftsman, wood making and ramp building (his favorite). Few people know the industry of woodwork like him.  He has become familiar with thousands of different types of plywoods, machine tools, and hardware. He is a walking encyclopedia of it all…just ask him.
Hometown:Whittier, CA
Favorite Movie:Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Favorite Music/Band:Jack Johnson to White Zombie and anything in between
Favorite Food:Ice Cream
Random Fact About Me:I can make it sound like I am under water when I sing. My shoe size is 13. I have a huge head, physically. I like to make people laugh. To someone I am known as the funniest man in the world, I just haven’t found that someone yet. I like big watches and no I’m not compensating (for being late).
I am at OC Ramps because…they need me, but mainly, it’s a passion.
When not at OC Ramps I’m…home with my family, serving in my church, or riding my bike.


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Pro Ramp Builder

Bio:Randy has been in the construction field for the past 10 years. He has been a supervisor over 50 employees. Randy’s best known for his impeccable quality control and ability to monitor his staff. Over step him…and he’ll make you drop in on a halfpipe blind-folded.
Favorite Movie:Live Free or Die Hard
Favorite Music/Band:Mana
Favorite Food:Chicken
Random Fact About Me:I can’t skate no matter how hard I try! I was a supervisor in a clothing factory for 8 years, and was forced to leave because the 18th street gang threatened the company and killed two of my co-workers.
I am at OC Ramps because…the ramps aren’t going to build themselves!
When not at OC Ramps I’m…at the beach, movies, bailar


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Education, Awards, etc:AA in Drafting & Design from Don Bosco Tech. Have received honors from the Kennedy Center for work performed on the stage crew of “Importance of Being Ernest” at Citrus College fall of 1994.
Other Languages I Know:Tried German in school didn’t work for me now I am proficient in Xilog (CNC machining language.
Bio:Michael has worked in the woodworking industry over 20 years and has been programming CNC machines for over 15 of them. Working on and programming such machines as the Biesse Rover, Morbidelli Author 502, Morbidelli Author 504 Rapid 7, and a Pratix 48 NST. Michael has also been drafting for over 30 years and can even use AutoCAD in his sleep. Every skateboard ramp he creates requires in depth mathematical equations and cuts. No hands can emulate the mere perfection of his skate ramp drafts and designs.
Favorite Movie:“The Matrix” of course– that’s how I see my world!
Favorite Music/Band:Pink Floyd
Favorite Food:In & Out Burger
Random Fact About Me:I was involved in the design construction and running of 3 very large (over 15000 sq. ft. each) and successful haunted houses. I secretly wish I could create the ramps for Tony Hawk.
I am at OC Ramps because…I gotta pay for the new computer systems.
When not at OC Ramps I’m…working on the computer or watching Racing.


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Office Manager

Education, Awards, etc:BS in Business with an emphasis in Hospitality Management
Certificate in Meeting Planning & Special Events
Other Languages I Know:Spanish (in-progress) uno, does, tres…
Bio:Sandra has had a strong urge in her life to have everything crossed off a “to-do list” the minute she writes it down. It was only logical for her to take over the front office duties at OC RAMPS when she married the extremely good looking, talented and intelligent owner. With her vast background is in corporate meetings and events, labeled as the “party planner,” she always loves to incorporate fun events for OC RAMPS. Who doesn’t enjoy live music, riding half pipes and a BBQ on a summer’s day with 200 of your closest friends?
Hometown:Huntington Beach, CA
Favorite Movie:Lars and the Real Girl…extremely witty
Favorite Music/Band:Anything on KIIS FM that I can sing along to with the windows up and the music loud.
Favorite Food:Basilicos – Chicken parmesan, penne noodles, pink sauce….delicious
Random Fact About Me:I love to clean, organize, clean, label, clean and color code everything. It makes perfect sense now why I never wanted to play soccer as a young girl; since the wet grass felt like bugs and dirt on my legs….true story! My best friend in elementary school was the lunch lady. I am adult and still can’t whistle.
I am at OC Ramps because…I married into the money.
When not at OC Ramps I’m…spending time with my hubby, riding bikes on the boardwalk, watching movies, reality TV, bedazzling everything and exploring new “hole in the wall” restaurants to dine at.


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Graphics/Pro Ramp Builder

Education, Awards, etc:Cypress Collge/Multimedia
Other Languages I Know:Pig Latin
Bio:Doin’ graphic design for bands like 311, Pepper, Snoop Dogg.  So back up.
Hometown:Orange, CA
Favorite Movie:Fully Flared
Favorite Music/Band:The Expendables
Favorite Food:Togo’s
Random Fact About Me:I can throw a mean split finger.
I am at OC Ramps because…great quality ramps, of course.
When not at OC Ramps I’m…three words; skate, surf, snow.


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