Half Pipes


Our half pipes (halfpipes), also known as mini ramps, are perfect for any age and any level skater. From a young beginner to pro skater, skateboarders can enjoy learning new tricks, grinding, and busting air on their very own skateboard half pipe ramp. OC Ramps halfpipes are built with the best materials on the market. Our custom made parts and professional ramp designs offer up the ultimate skateboard ramps for any skating skill set. There’s no longer a need to go skate the half pipes at your local skate park – simply get an OC Ramps half pipe for sale below and shred your own professionally built skate ramp!

Most importantly, our half pipe ramp kits make everything extremely easy to install. We include instructions on how to build your own half pipe using nothing more than your ramp kit and a drill. And we build halfpipes in all shapes and sizes: 3ft & 5ft tall, and 8ft, 12ft, or 16ft wide. We can even build custom skateboard ramps for you, should our standard halfpipe ramps not suffice for your skateboarding needs. This includes concrete skate parks, wood skate parks, and skate rails.

Our ramps are so versatile in fact, that they are also commonly used as scooter and BMX ramps. So what are you waiting for? Bring the skatepark to your home and scratch that freestyle itch that you usually only get to do when pumping at the local skateparks or going vert during snowboarding / skiing season. Sure, it’s no superpipe, but it’s the next best thing! Simply buy and build your own halfpipe ramp and start practicing those killer freestyle tricks you’ve been wanting to learn. And don’t forget to request some Skatelite Pro sheets if you really want to skate like a pro.

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