Skate Rails

The OC Skate Rails are made here in the US by actual professional skaters. OC Ramps offers skateboard rails that are more durable and designed/welded by actual skaters. From basic flat skate rails, to round and adjustable; We have it all! Get an OC Rail today and get grindin’! 

Get pro-level grind rails at OC Ramps. We have round, flat and special rails to add to your skatepark for the community or at home. Rest assured that the rail will remain straight throughout, so that you can practice your grind tricks without any problems. 

Perfecting your grind skills isn’t easy, but it’s a lot more fun to practice on skateboard rails that won’t give up on you. With that in mind, when you buy from OC Ramps, know that our grind rails are US-manufactured and made by actual skaters. They come up with the design and oversee welding of the steel together to make sure it’s up to their professional standards. 

If you are only getting started, we suggest getting a flat skate rail to establish your balance. Grind all you want, and when you feel that you can do 5-0s, feebles and other tricks with ease, move on up to round skate rails. You’re only one call away from owning a grinding rail. For everything skateboarding, Come to OC Ramps. As skaters ourselves, you can be confident we know our stuff.