combo package by OC Ramps for skating
skateboarding fun box rail and curb kicker

Product Description

Combo package includes a 6 ft Grind Box, 6 ft Flat Rail Add on and Curb Kicker.

Rail Screws onto top platform of Grind Box

Curb Kicker is portable

Only box/rail/kicker on the market that were designed and welded by professional skaters

Highest grade Woods, Metals and Paint

Made for all ages/levels of skaters

All materials are designed for outdoor use. Extremely durable for any level skater.

Save over $100 on this great combo package!

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Decline Combo Package – Box, Rail, Kicker

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This Ramp Requires 1 Quart skate paint


Items Included:

6 foot Grind Box, Curb Kicker and Rail Add On

Shipping Cost:


Skate Paint

Requires 1 Qt.