skate box from pro skater Greg Lutzka and OC Ramps
Greg Lutzka and OC Ramps skateboard brick fun boxsignature series brick fun box created by OC Ramps and Greg LutzkaGreg Lutzka's Brick Box from the OC Ramps signature seriesGreg Lutzka Brick Box by OC Ramps for skateboarding

Product Description

Brick Box arrives at your door with no assembly needed at all.

The ideal ‘fun box’ for any level skater!

Brick Box is created with strong galvanized metal with outer brick paneling.

All materials are designed for outdoor use.  Extremely durable for any level rider.

Shipping is a flat rate of $59 in US.

Designed by pro skater, Greg Lutzka.

View more info of Greg by clicking his BIO page.

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Greg Lutzka’s Brick Box

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Optional Upgrade: Add a 2nd Coping



12 inches


6 feet


16 inches


65 lbs

Assembly Required?

No. Arrives already built!

Shipping Cost: