original 12' halfpipe for skateboarding
12 foot wide skateboarding ramp with tombstoneoriginal 12' halfpipe for skateboardingmalibu halfpipe built by Orange County Ramps12 foot wide portable mini ramp with extensionOrange County Ramp skateboard half pipe with tombstone

Product Description

This 12 foot wide half pipe ramp is what skateboarding dreams are made of!
The half pipe arrives to your door boxed up and ready to install. All you need of your own is a drill!

Our instruction manual comes with photos, which help make this ramp extremely easy to build.

All of our materials are designed to be used outdoor. They are extremely durable; suitable for any level skater.

Add an additional layer of strength and durability to your halfpipe ramp by adding a second layer of plywood to your order (optional).

Want more freestyle options? Add an extension kit to your ramp! –  One corner of the ramp will be 1.5′ taller than the rest of the ramp (5′ tall total). This is an optional feature, but highly recommended!

Additional Half Pipe Information

Learn the proper half pipe foundation

Learn how to protect your half pipe

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Half Pipe Ramp – 12 Foot Wide

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Optional Upgrade: 2nd Layer Ply

Add two layers of skate surface plywood; reinforce strength and durability

Optional Upgrade: 5′ tall Extension

Add 18 inches of height to one corner of the Halfpipe


This Ramp Requires 2 gallons skate paint



3.5 feet


12 feet


23 feet

Tools Needed:


Assembly Time:

5-7 Hours

Shipping Cost:


Skate Paint

Requires 2 gal.