oc ramps quarterpipe for skating
top view of the 5 foot wide OC Ramps quarterpipeside view of the 6' wide quarterpipe Orange County Ramps6 foot wide skate ramp quarterpipe OC Rampsskateboarding ramp 6 ft wide OC Rampstop view of the 6 ft wide OC Ramps skateboard rampskateboarding the 6' wide oc ramps quarterpipe6 foot wide quarterpipe by OC Rampslaunching off OC Ramps 6 ft wide quarterpipe

Product Description

This quarterpipe arrives at your door in the kit form. Everything comes boxed up– ready to go! Only need a drill to install.

Our instructions manual (with photos) makes this ramp extremely simple to build.

All materials are designed for outdoor use. Extremely durable for any level skater.

Quarterpipes comes with caster wheels on the back– designed to be portable.

Includes two layers of plywood surface.

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Quarter Pipe Ramp – 6 Foot Wide

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This Ramp Requires 1 quart skate paint



3 feet, 2 inches


6 feet


6 feet, 5 inches


215 lbs

Tools Needed:

Drill and Wrench

Assembly Time:

2-3 hours

Shipping Cost:


Skate Paint

Requires 1 Qt.