Ramp Design

At OC Ramps, we have worked hard to engineer and design the best skateboard ramps, quarter pipe, half pipes and skate ramps for sale. High quality materials, computer controlled cuts, and good old fashioned know how goes into every skateboarding ramp, quarter pipe or half pipe that we build. Check out our skate ramp plans, fun boxes, grind box and Skatepaint products. view all products >

All OC Ramps quarterpipe and halfpipe skateboard ramps are made from purest weather treated woods. Galvanized metal copings and edge plates are rust free to ensure the longevity of every skateboard ramp and grind box we sell. All our quarter pipe and halfpipe skate ramps are unpainted, giving you the freedom to design, thrash, or otherwise deface your skateboard ramp as you please! A clear coat of Skatepaint is always recommended.

Quarterpipes-- Skate Ramps


No Saws, No Clamps, No Router Needed

A quarter pipe skateboard ramp kit can be easily assembled with a drill (for screws) and a wrench (for wheels). A half pipe only requires a drill. Every skateboard ramp, of course, comes with detailed ramp plans, counted screws, pre-drilled boards, pre-cut pieces; everything is ready for installation. Quarterpipes take between 1-2 hours for assembly, as halfpipes take a little more than 4 hours. Assemble in hours…Skate for life!

Halfpipes-- Mini Ramps


Extremely easy to assemble!

The only tools required are a drill and wrench.drill    drill

Watch these young skater moms install an OC Ramps quarterpipe. They built this ramp in less than 50 minutes!



100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with your product, for any reason, just ship back the merchandise in original condition and we will promptly refund your purchase price less shipping and handling. No questions asked. Shipping charges will not be refunded.




It is the responsibility of builders of quarterpipes, halfpipes, skateboard ramps and users of skateboards to ensure maximum safety. Make sure you read the ramp plans carefully and follow instructions when installing to ensure safety.

Use of skateboards, quarter pipes, half pipes, roller-blades, and roller skates can be dangerous. Always wear protective gear and participate within your ability. Neither OC Ramps, it’s employees, or its agents take any responsibility for any injuries you may incur while using our products. OC Ramps is also not responsible for injuries or harm incurred due to improper construction, improper use of tools and materials during assembly, alteration of the assembly materials or instructions.

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