Ramp Foundations

We are often asked the best types of foundations for a half pipe mini ramp. Below are a few Q and A’s about where you should install you skateboard ramp.

What type of surface area/foundation is best for my half pipe?  The ramp needs to be put on a level surface. It can be on dirt, gravel, grass, cement, etc. As long as its level! If you place the ramp over a grass area make sure the sprinklers are not hitting the ramp with water. Cap off any sprinkler heads if the ramp is going directly on top of any sprinklers.

Does the ramp need to be level?   Yes. You don’t necessarily need to buy a 10 foot level to make sure its 100% perfect. You just want the ramp as level as possible to the naked eye. The ramp make feel awkward to a skater if its on a slope. Should it be on dirt or cement? It does not matter as long as its level.

   Should I elevate my half pipe?  Many of our customers that live in wet/moist areas tend to elevate their ramps using any type of block; cinder, brick, pavers, stepping stones, etc. Elevating the ramp just helps in case of heavy rain- the water can simply flow and run under the ramp—as opposed to the ramp sitting in mud or water. If the area in which the ramp will go is in the shade where it tends to stay muddy or wet- we recommend elevating the ramp. The ramp can only be elevated during the construction. Once the ramp is built it is near impossible to put blocks underneath.