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The ease of our ramp plans (included free with each quarterpipe and halfpipe) are just that…easy. It is a no-brainer to build a skateboard ramp with our manual. Our ramp plans include photos and detailed instructions on how to install a skate ramp. All OC RAMPS quarterpipes and halfpipes will receive a copy of the ramp plans. Installation can take as few as 30 minutes up to several hours – depending on the size skate ramp. ramp-plans11 Ramp Plans

Several customers that have previously tried to build their own halfpipe with general ramp plans come to us to in frustration to purchase our easy do-it-yourself kits.

There are two highly difficult parts to building your own ramp; the transitional slope of the ramp as well as the coping inlay. You do not want to spend all week and hundreds of dollars on building a half pipe with after-market ramp plans and realize the dimensions are too steep, too narrow, etc. Ramp plans can be sold online or in certain retail skate shops. But be careful, we constantly see plans that are being sold for $5-10 and appeared to be written by a seven year old. The ramp was basically held up by cinder blocks and sticks…Not recommended!

Whether it’s halfpipe plans or quarterpipe plans, typical ramp plans do not always suggest using the best materials. Often times they recommend Masonite – a glorified cardboard that we highly disapprove of using. There are hundreds of different types of plywood sheets that can be used – but, again, general ramp plans are vague in explaining which plywoods are best to use. Ramp plans also require many tools to be used; miter saw, clamps, drill bits, jig saws, etc.

Other ramp plans can be very unclear – and not give detailed explanations on how to install a certain piece or section. With all OC Skate RAMPS, our ramp plans are solid, detailed, photo-descriptive and simple. Our job is to make your ramp installation as easy as possible!   ramp-plan11 Ramp Plans

Lastly, typical ramp plans do not recommend the best maintenance tips. Lets face it, whether the ramp is metal, plastic or wood – the ramp is going to need basic care. We’ve talked to many customers that were previously told to paint generic water sealant on the skateboard ramp to protect it from the weather. Bad idea. Soon after, the customer calls us to see if Skatepaint will fix their ramp. Skatepaint is a polyurethane paint that is specifically designed for wooden skateboard ramps.

Learn more about Skatepaint.

Apart from using Skatepaint on your ramp, another tip is the use of a plastic tarp. Cover the ramp when it is not in use especially during rain, snow, or other bad weather conditions. After a few years the ramp may need to be re-surfaced. This is normal for any ramp; vert, mini ramp, halfpipe or quarterpipe. The longevity of your skating surface depends a lot on the care you provide. Generally, after 2-3 years, most skaters pull the skating layer plywood off their ramp and replace with anew. Remember, coat the new surface with Skatepaint and use a plastic tarp!
Not all ramp plans are alike. OC RAMP’S plans are thorough and have been used by thousands of customers all over the world. If we see several customers with the same question, our experienced staff of ramp builders will modify and update the ramp plans manual to make things crystal clear. Get your ramp today and have confidence in the easiest instructions manual on the market! ramp-plans-pic11 Ramp Plans

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