Ramp Protection


applying_the_skatepaintQ. How do I protect my skateboard ramp?

A. To prolong the life of an outdoor ramp. Apply a gallon of Skatepaint to the ramp. Skatepaint is a marine like varnish that’s been designed specifically for wooden ramps. It’s clear, thick, and helps protect/seal the plywood from wet weather. You can visit all 20 questions and answers about Skatepaint on their page by visiting Skatepaint FAQS.


plastic_tarpQ. What do I use to cover my ramp from wet conditions?

A. No matter what type of material is used on the ramps- weather can be extremely abusive. Cover the ramp with a plastic tarp to help prolong that process.
A large portion of our clientele is located within wet weather conditions. It is highly recommend that you cover up you skateboard ramp with a tarp. OC Ramps does not sell tarps- we suggest buying one from your hardware store (i.e. Home Depot/Lowes or camping store). Throw a tarp on when the ramp is not in use. If windy, place some bricks or heavier items on top to prevent the tarp from flying away!


quarterpipesQ. Should I leave my ramp outside?

A. The wood on these ramps are made to go outside, but you will extend the life of the ramps if they’re kept in a garage or open space inside your home. If you have a quarterpipe or grind box, those can be easily carried/wheeled inside. You can even place a plastic tarp over them when it rains. If they are to stay outside, we do recommend you use Skatepaint.