Red Cameras and OC Ramps

Red Digital Cameras offers the world’s most incredible cameras that far exceed the quality and clarity of anything we’ve ever seen. Red reached out to us inquiring about some skate demos that we could provide them for a video shoot. They offer their customers whats called, “Reducation.” Essentially, they are workshops/clinics that help teach the customer the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the cameras, equipment and features. Of course, they wanted something cool to video for their students/customers to practice. What better idea than have OC Ramps set up some obstacles with some pro skaters?!

Take a look at some of the images below of our successful day!


Above, Shuriken Shannon on the butter bench.


Shuriken on the 8′ Dragon Rail.


Above, TJ Rogers with a crook on the bench.


TJ grinds the 16 foot long round rail while the Red camera captures it all.


The classes for “REDucation.”


Christian blunts the bench.

Thats a wrap, crew!

Reach out to OC RAMPS if you want us to provide a skate ramp demo or rental.

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