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Skate Ramp Rental

dewtour_ Skateboard Ramp Rentals

Custom Ramp for Mountain Dew: Dew Tour 2013

iphone Skateboard Ramp Rentals

iPhone Commercial- Apple

redbull1-1 Skateboard Ramp Rentals

Red Bull Event

turboramprental-1 Skateboard Ramp Rentals

Event for Dreamworks/Netflix: Turbo Fast

abc-1 Skateboard Ramp Rentals

Ramp Rental for ABC's TV show, Castle

waynevideo-1 Skateboard Ramp Rentals

Lil' Wayne Music Videos

scionskateevent-1 Skateboard Ramp Rentals

Demo for Scion cars at Knott's Berry Farm

veniceskateboardramprental-3 Skateboard Ramp Rentals

Corporate Parties/Events

shakeaway-1 Skateboard Ramp Rentals

Restaurant Grand Openings

redskateboard-1 Skateboard Ramp Rentals

Demo with Red Cameras

redbull-1-1 Skateboard Ramp Rentals

Custom Obstacles made for Red Bull video

dewtour_ Skateboard Ramp Rentals iphone-300x300 Skateboard Ramp Rentals redbull1-1-300x300 Skateboard Ramp Rentals turboramprental-1-300x300 Skateboard Ramp Rentals abc-1-300x300 Skateboard Ramp Rentals waynevideo-1-300x300 Skateboard Ramp Rentals scionskateevent-1-300x300 Skateboard Ramp Rentals veniceskateboardramprental-3-300x300 Skateboard Ramp Rentals shakeaway-1-300x300 Skateboard Ramp Rentals redskateboard-1-300x300 Skateboard Ramp Rentals redbull-1-1-300x300 Skateboard Ramp Rentals

OC Ramps rents skateboard ramps and bike ramps for events, demos or production / filming purposes. With over 14 years designing and building skate ramps, we are confident when we say that we provide the best quality skateboard ramp rental available.

Our company has rented our skateboard ramps and vert ramps to companies such as Cartoon Network, Disney, Zumiez, Surf Rider Foundation, Sony, Music Videos and many more. You can rent skate ramps from us for the afternoon, weekend or as long as you’d like.

Prices on each ramp item vary. Our skateboard ramp rental arrangements are only offered to those local to our warehouse in Orange County, California. Delivery and pick-up by OC Ramps’ staff is available at additional costs. We can deliver to Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and Riverside Counties. With the Rent-A-Ramp program, skateboard ramps can be rented for school events, church events, birthday parties, demos, skateboard contests, etc. The ramps we typically have available for rent are the mini half pipe (8′ wide), quarter pipes (all sizes), grind rails, grind boxes and launch ramps. Custom ramps can be designed and built for rent at an additional fee.

For all production companies, we have several professional skateboarders that have their SAG card or are SAG eligible. Let us know if you need any professional skaters for your event and we’ll quote you based on their availability. You can see our pro skaters by viewing our team. These riders are the ones competing and winning contests in the X-Games, Street League, Dew Tour, etc.

Do You Need a Skateboard Ramp Rental?

If you are looking to rent a vert ramp or a skateboard ramp, please fill out the contact information to the left and we’ll provide you a quote right away. If you are a production company looking for a skateboard ramp rental in exchange for sponsorship, please include any information about your event and email it to or Click to Call

music-videos Skateboard Ramp Rentals

Music Videos

Skateboarding has taken over the young generation of music and it simply makes sense to incorporate skateboarding in your film.  OC Ramps has done several music videos with huge celebrities like Lil Wayne, Birdman, Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Drake and more. If you want to rent a skateboard ramp for your music video, then we’re the company for you!

TVshows Skateboard Ramp Rentals

TV Shows

OC Ramps has been featured on major such as HBO. You can catch our half pipe mini ramp on the show “Silicon Valley” – Season 2, episode #6. In this particularly funny episode, the crew decides to look into investing in an action sports energy drink that has a ramp in their warehouse. All the skaters on the ramp are our team riders and friends. It was a blast of an experience to work on set for those few days.

Our skateboard ramps have been rented by Fox, ABC, Disney and many more. Fill out the contact form above if you’d like us to give you a quote for renting a skateboard ramp rental for your TV show.

trade-show-design Skateboard Ramp Rentals

Trade Shows

We all know that it is imperative to your customers and new clients to have an eye catching booth. Here at OC Ramps we will sit down and discuss what type of layout, demographic & overall design you had in mind. We will gather our best artists and engineers to fully customize your trade show experience. This is a great tool to stand out at your next big convention gathering.

corporate-events Skateboard Ramp Rentals

Corporate Events

OC Ramps skateboarding features are great for any type of corporate events. It’s very entertaining to have professional skateboarders on perfectly built ramps entertain your guests. Not only is it a “cool” thing to be apart of but the message of staying fit & having a healthy lifestyle impacts your corporate employees for the best. Please inquire above to talk about planning your next corporate event.

proteam_thumbnail-1 Skateboard Ramp Rentals

Professional Team

OC Ramps has a full team of professional and amateur skateboarders. Our pro team will show up to your event and put on a full demo for your next event. Our riders have been featured on TV Shows, Commercials, Street League, Dew Tour, The Berrics and more.  Some of our team include Thrasher’s ‘skater of the year,’ or Gold medalists from X-Games,  Dew Tour, Diamond Cup, etc.
View our professional skate team here.

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