jordan hoffart

  • Nickname HOFF
  • Stance Goofy
  • Hometown, where do you reside now?

    Vancouver BC... now Vista CA

  • Go to trick Bail
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  • Favorite OC Ramp obstacle

    Butta Bench

  • Favorite street spot

    One I get a trick at

  • Favorite skate park

    My House

  • Favorite movies (non skate)

    Talladega Nights

  • Favorite skate part of all time

    Pat Duffy, Questionable

  • Favorite restaurant Casa De Bandini
  • Favorite place in the world


  • Most memorable Skate Accomplishments

    Building the park at my house, Trying tailslide on staples center was probably the scariest thing Ive ever done. I don't remember much else.

  • Shout outs!

    Shout outs?! Chill fool.

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