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Teen Choice Awards 2019 with Sky Brown and OC Ramps

Teen Choice Awards 2019

Hermosa Beach, California

One of our close friends, Miss Sky Brown is one of the youngest female child prodigies who has big time endorsement deal with Nike. Plus over 400k Instagram followers and multi million views on YouTube, this chick is unstoppable! We love her energy and the positive, uplifting vibes she sends out to motivate other kids and adults!

We’ve known this sweet gem for several years as she has visited many of our parties including the infamous crowd favorite, Ramptober. Super amazing to see her progress over the years in the skate industry. The entire family including Mom, Dad and little shreddin’ brother Ocean have become part of our OC family. Sky’s father called us and gave us the good news that Sky has been nominated for Choice Female Athlete at the Teen Choice Awards 2019. Fox Television wanted Sky to perform a skate demo while the awards were hosting live. Of course the fam told Fox TV to call us for a ramp set up.

logo Teen Choice Awards 2019

The producers at Fox Television called us to get the wheels spinning on the project. A few conference calls helped us narrow down the budget, and sizing of the ramp as Sky is flexible with vert ramps and mini ramps along with variety of widths. Spoke about options of building the ramp directly on sand or create a platform stage.

The producers wanted the ramp to be a focal point at the beach during performances so going with our event rental metal ramp that is shy of 5ft tall by 16ft wide and 30 feet in length on top of a platform stage nestled in the sand. Fox also wanted to install a 2ft tall platform with stairs leading up to the ramp.

IMG_1582-1 Teen Choice Awards 2019

Installation was to take place on Friday which gives the Fox production crew plenty of time to complete the main stage for Sundays show. Friday morning arrived, our crew packed up the materials from the shop and loaded up the trailers. Hit the freeways towards gorgeous Hermosa Beach.

Once the guys arrived on location, at our surprise we were the first on scene at 8am. Guess we were a bit proactive as the stage was not built yet! Once production crew arrived, the fun began as our crew went into action bolting together the metal ramp. Took a few hours to assemble with the help of a couple RedBull & Rockstar’s, a case of our favorite AquaHydrate water & a ton of muscles!

Overview Teen Choice Awards 2019

​Once the event rental ramp was set up, next step was to brand the ramp with the Teen Choice Awards logo as discussed. (if any client requests branding/logo and provides the vector file we can then expand the logo onto vinyl print).

Teen-Choice-Install-of-Ramp Teen Choice Awards 2019

With any client/production team there is always last minute modifications, which we are always up for a time crunching challenge! For this event in specific we spoke briefly about painting the ramp; once the green light was given we painted the branded blue color. After paint was applied, the vinyl logo was laid down to it’s final resting place. Just by adding the additional twist of color really helped bring that ramp to next level status!!

IMG_1590 Teen Choice Awards 2019

The Teen Choice Awards ceremony was held on Sunday August 11, 2019 with the amazing location of the outdoor on-beach stage in Hermosa Beach, California. This was the first time the ceremony has been held outdoors as it’s typically in an auditorium. Needless to say the location gave those beachy Cali vibes!

The awards showcase the year’s achievements of music, film, television, sports, fashion, comedy, and the internet, and are voted on by viewers.  Co-hosted by David Dobrik & Lucy Hale. Pictured below is Sky being interviewed with Host Lucy as they discuss which awards she recently won and the current nomination.

IMG_1581 Teen Choice Awards 2019

Here’s Sky shreddin’ that ramp like it’s nobody’s business in front of thousands!! Creating the perfect picture with the natural backdrop of the ocean, epic!

IMG_1580 Teen Choice Awards 2019

Huge turn out with thousands of attendee’s.

Teen-Choice-Crowd Teen Choice Awards 2019

Tons of high profile celebrities and live music that rocked the stage was such an awesome experience. From celebs like Taylor Swift, Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, John Stamos, Jonas Brothers and pictured Sky with the Bella Twins Nikki and Bri with Artem from Dancing with the Stars. (Sky & Bella twins were both nominated for the same Choice Female Athlete Award!)

IMG_1591 Teen Choice Awards 2019

Overall the rental was a complete success as we assisted adding a unique & hip element. Great working with the employee’s and producers of Fox TV.

No Matter the ramp rental BIG or small, call us!!

Branded or non branded, call us!

Mini ramp or vert ramp, we do it all so CALL US!

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