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Video Archives - OC Ramps



  OC RAMPS 8TH ANNUAL RAMPTOBER This year the OC Ramps crew put on the 8th annual Ramptober, and this might have ended up being our most successful event yet! The event was held Saturday, November 22nd here at the OC Ramps warehouse, we opened the doors to the public at 6:30pm and begun our night. One of the highlights of the night was that this year’s theme was 1980’s! Seeing the OC team and [read more]


OC RAMPS x HOT DAWGZ & HAND RAILS 2016 This year OC Ramps was invited back to the Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails event at big bear resort. The event was held September 23 and 24th and was the best winter kickoff around. This year the resort changed things up and along side the snowboard competition and mini ramp they held a two day concert featuring She Wants Revenge, Atlas Genius, Eagles of Death metal, [read more]

OC Ramps at Weezyana

  Another day, another awesome opportunity for OC Ramps! This months biggest adventure for us was a trip to Louisiana to set up a mini customized skate park at Lil Wayne’s second annual Weezyana festival. We were contacted by the production people for the festival about a month ago. They let us know that they wanted us to come out to the festival and put together a few obstacles. Once they locked down the location [read more]

OC Ramps x Dekult – Punk Rock Skate Night

  OC Ramps x Dekult – Punk Rock Skate Night This past Saturday, July 23rd, Dekult joined OC Ramps for a punk rock skate night at the OC Ramps warehouse here in Santa Ana. Dekult is a clothing brand that was recently created, and they wanted to hold their first big event with our team. The event started 7pm, doors opened at 6:30, and went off until around 10:30pm. When the OC Ramps crew showed [read more]

OC Ramps and Harley Davidson Bike Nights

Greg Lutzka (one of the pros on the team) is sponsored by Harley Davidson. Greg often goes to our local dealership in Orange County (located in Irvine) and while we were there a few months ago one of the main managers mentioned that they do an event called “bike nights”. He was interested in incorporating skateboarding into the event. He checked to see that OC Ramps was interested, and of course we were stoked on [read more]

Backyard Miniramp for Workaholics Director

Kyle Newacheck, best known for his writing and directing of the Comedy Central television show, workaholics, has been in recent contact with OC Ramps after decided that he wanted to get a wide mini ramp for his backyard up in Calabasas. We sold a halfpipe to one of his neighbors, and he would often go over and skate it, and he quickly decided he needed one for himself. After contacting us, he bought our 16 [read more]


If you hadn’t already heard, Ralph the Rex (instagram: @ralph_the_rex) is a huge fan of skateboarding! One could say he is quite the Skateasaurus-rex. His people recently reached out to us and we set up a time for Ralph to get the full OC Ramps experience. Check out the above video to see the edit of how the day went down. First Ralph had to hitch a ride from boss-man, Tyler Large, he clocked in, put [read more]

New Video- Best Selling Garage Mini Ramp

Check out OC Ramp’s new video of one of our most popular skateboard ramps; the best selling garage mini ramp. Its the ideal halfpipe for small areas- garage, basement, side yard, etc. Watch Christian Sereika do what he does best! This halfpipe might be our smallest in height (2 feet tall, 8 feet wide, and 16 feet in length) but it doesn’t limit you on tricks in any way. You can see that in the [read more]

Scott Decenzo- Headquarters

Scott Decenzo came out to the warehouse to film another installment of OC Ramp’s new video series, “headquarters”. Scott set up the street obstacles and ramps and set up a sick course in the warehouse. Check out the youtube video above to see how it went! Be on the lookout for the next installment of headquarters, coming soon.    

OC Ramps x Steve Harvey Show

      You might remember that back in October we had a couple of mini-shredders here at the warehouse for our annual ramptober event. We have been in contact with Ocean and Sky’s parents ever since, and knew that they had a gig for the Steve Harvey Show that they have been preparing for. We were contacted by the people from the show last month and they wanted a couple of ramps for the [read more]

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