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The Ride Channel Comes to OC Ramps with Greg Lutzka

The Ride Channel is a huge youtube channel with millions of followers. They do video clips with a bunch of different pro skaters. One of the series that they are doing now is a pro skaters top 5 favorite tricks. They approached Greg Lutzka, and asked him to do his five favorite mini ramp tricks. He let them know about the halfpipe we have here at OC Ramps, and asked if we could film it [read more]

Jordan Hoffart- Headquarters

OC Ramps is starting a new video series called “headquarters”. The series will feature each of our pros coming to the warehouse, where they will set up the street obstacles and ramps and build things that they might like that we don’t already have at the shop. The team riders will utilize everything in the shop and set up the best course for the best runs they can do. Check out our first installment of [read more]

Warehouse Session with the OC Ramps Team

Part of the OC Ramps came out to the warehouse this week to shred all the signature obstacles. Chris Joslin, T.J. Rogers, Ryan and Scott Decenzo, Jordan Hoffart, and Greg Lutzka were all in attendance. Check out the video above to see part of that days warehouse session.  

Greg Lutzka’s Custom Bench

Greg Lutzka, one of the OC Ramps team riders, recently saw the custom diamond bench that OC Ramps created. After seeing how rad the diamond bench was, Greg wanted to design one of his own with his GL Logo on it. Greg headed over to the warehouse and helped design the logo, then proceeded to build, paint and skate the bench. Check out the video of the whole process of creating Greg Lutzka’s Custom Bench!

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