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Weatherproofing your Ramp - OC Ramps

Weatherproofing your Ramp

We always have a ton of questions on ways to protect your ramp.

Below are some of the best suggestions & solutions that are current to help protect your investment!
While making your huge & thoughtful decision on purchasing any size mini ramp/obstacles, the common question is….

“How will it hold up in weather?”

Although we use all high quality materials & imported plywood from around the world at the end of the day, it’s still wood. Over time without any protection your investment will start to rot & take on additional moisture which can shrink & or swell the pieces of plywood.

1.) Heavy Duty Tarp –
You can purchase these at any local hardware store anywhere from $20 & up.

Make sure you find one that fits your ENTIRE ramp/obstacle.

tarp Weatherproofing your Ramp

2.) Skate Paint
What is Skate Paint? Besides being the most cost effective solution to detour weather effects.

It’s a clear polyurethane epoxy meant for wood as it helps protect from water, snow & even skateboard usage.

Gallon-Skatepaint Weatherproofing your Ramp

​Applying Skate Paint is fairly easy​ as the only items needed are; paint roller, paint tray, Skate Paint itself & some time!

applying_the_skatepaint-300x22511 Weatherproofing your Ramp

​ It comes in clear; however the added bonus is you can customize your ramp with any type of design, graffiti, and artwork then seal it with the Skate Paint. ​ A lot of our clientele add artwork which makes their ramp unique to their liking.

IMG_6484 Weatherproofing your Ramp

Another route of customization to your ramp with colors is applying the Skate Paint to the wood directly and then add any color of exterior latex paint on top. (See below Britney Spears Half Pipe)

Britney-1-1024x768 Weatherproofing your Ramp

3.) Skatelite Pro
Skatelite Pro is the BEST outdoor material around & used for the top layer surface for any skateboard ramp.

This item comes in natural wood color, 4 x 8 sheets and is literally amazing!!

Lasts for years to come. It does run costly, however protecting your ramp investment is priceless!!

skatelite-1024x1024 Weatherproofing your Ramp

​Whatever you decide to help detour weather effects, your ramp will thank you!

Contact us with any questions & keep shreddin’!

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