Shaun is a 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist, winner of 24 Winter and Summer X Games medals in snowboarding and skateboarding, and the lead guitarist in an LA based rock band. He is the CEO of his own company, and the face of many others.

Shaun has amassed numerous titles and victories, most notably gold medaling in both the 2006 & 2010 Winter Olympics. He holds the X Games records for gold medals with 15 and the highest overall medal count with 23 to date. He also has won 10 ESPY awards for Best Male Action Sports Athlete and Best Male US Olympic Athlete.


Shaun is a world class athlete, musician and a master of being the best at what he loves. Part of his appeal is that he makes it looks easy, but he works harder than anyone you know.

“I approach life and my business ventures the same way as I approach snowboarding, skateboarding and music, with relentless vigor and a strong work ethic.”

In 2012 Shaun was honored for his work with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at the GQ Gentleman’s Ball, where he also received the Style Award. In 2013 he was honored as a Champion of Youth in recognition of his efforts in service and commitment to youth at Boys & Girls Clubs across the country. The 2015 Shaun was a Chris Greicius Celebrity Award recipient for creating meaningful, life-changing experiences for wish kids. Shaun has granted 17 wishes, starting in 2008, and continued to grant wishes every year since.

“I take a central role in each of my partnerships, from designing products for Burton and Oakley, to becoming the majority shareholder of Air + Style. I’m actively involved!”

Actively involved in everything he does, Shaun takes a central role in each of his partnerships from the design of specific products for Burton and Oakley to becoming a majority shareholder of Air + Style in 2014. Shaun has earned the number two spot on Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s list of 100 most powerful and marketable athletes, as well as being ranked on the prestigious Forbes Fab 40: The World’s Most Valuable Sports Brands as the 10th most valuable athlete.